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2017 Nationals Power Rankings

The 2017 Nationals Power Rankings are an attempt to score and rank the competitors that competed in the most events and placed high in the events they competed in at 2017 USLA Nationals.  9 Individual Open women and men events and 6 multi-person events are taken into consideration with an added emphasis on specific individual ILS events which are competed on the internationals stage: Ski, Surf Race, Board, Flags, Ironwoman/Ironman. 

The formula explained: Points for Each Individual Event the individual competed and placed 1 through 16 (Ind. Points). Fraction points for each team event they competed and placed 1 through 16 (Team Points). Scaled point value (16 -> 1) based on finish in individual events, only 1st through 16th places are given points (Points).  Added percentage point value based on the number of ILS events the competitor competed in and placed (1-16) based on the above 5 mentioned ILS events (ILS Events Competed).  Added points for top 5 finish in the above 5 mentioned ILS events (Top 5 ILS Points).

*This ranking is not endorsed or supported by the USLA and is only another way of looking at USLA Nationals data.  While meaningless, it's fun to look at.

RankNameIDChapterInd. PointsTeam PointsTotalPointsTotal + PointsILS Events CompetedTop 5 ILS PointsTotal Computed Points
1Thomas O'Neill58Riis Park4.01.255.2572.75078.00026.40000084.400
2Hayden Hemmens124Newport Beach Ocean Lifeguard Assoc5.01.006.0068.00074.00049.80000083.800
3Ben Brewer8Santa Barbara Lifeguard Assoc4.01.005.0065.00070.000410.80000080.800
4James Bray105California State Lifeguard Assoc4.01.255.2565.25070.50032.60000073.100
5Ryan Paroz807Hampton Lifeguard Assoc.3.00.753.7551.25055.00039.60000064.600
6Pat Kilgallen328Riis Park3.01.254.2557.75062.00011.20000063.200
7Brian O'Neill368Riis Park3.01.004.0047.25051.25022.40000053.650
8Austin Takeda773California State Lifeguard Assoc3.01.254.2548.25052.50010.20000052.700
9Christian Foti85Riis Park2.00.752.7541.75044.50015.20000049.700
10Chase Robertson459Palm Beach County3.00.753.7538.50042.25023.40000045.650
11Phill Lloyd297Outer Banks3.00.753.7534.50038.25023.40000041.650
12Nathan Humberston658Monmouth County4.00.254.2534.75039.00022.40000041.400
13Chasen Dubs79Hampton Lifeguard Assoc.3.00.503.5035.00038.50021.40000039.900
14Dave Walters720LA County Surf Life Saving Assoc3.01.254.2535.00039.25010.20000039.450
15Steven O'Boyle533Sussex County3.00.753.7533.50037.25031.60000038.850
16Jarrad Greentree324Outer Banks3.01.004.0031.00035.00020.40000035.400
17Brett Friedman811Smith Point2.00.252.2524.00026.25015.20000031.450
18Peter Euers779Destin3.00.753.7526.00029.75020.40000030.150
19Luke Turner170Monmouth County2.00.752.7525.25028.00020.40000028.400
20Zane Booth13Santa Barbara Lifeguard Assoc2.00.502.5025.00027.50020.40000027.900